Drawings, Drawings, Photographs

April 3 - May 1, 2011

Press Release

Mamie Tinkler, C.F., and an ongoing series of photos between Margaret Lee and her collaborators (including Ajay Kurian, Andrei Koschmieder, Gregory Edwards, and Jared Madere).


The delineation of artworks into categories of media is so 2002. There is something about categories that confounds people. In particular, drawing and photography connote an underdog status or indicate side projects. I have heard more than one brilliant artist whose work is based in drawing, photography or even sculpture and video say, “I’m making paintings now. I’m a really good painter,” as both a sincere and an ironic gesture. That’s an odd thing, but resonates in terms of those particular divisions. The exhibition Drawings, Drawings, Photographs has examples of artists making work fully aware of the supposed side bar status of their projects and using that approach as an advantage.

Mamie Tinkler’s chosen medium is watercolor, with which she makes realist images of distinctive and decidedly everyday subjects. Margaret Lee's photos seem to create a chronology of the many projects and people whom she works with. The small-scale photos act as "accents" which one could see speckled throughout the show she arranged at White Columns relating to her space 179 Canal. C.F. makes fantastical figurative works on paper that, via portraiture and design, hint at an imagined world, one which he expands in his ongoing graphic novel narratives.