Hilary Harnischfeger in Flat Fix at CODE Art Fair

June 1, 2016

Flat Fix
curated by Ryan Steadman and Ryan Wallace
CODE Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
August 25 - 28. 2016
Paint - in all of its variant forms - was the leading technology for image reproduction for much of human history.  The advent of photography marked the end of an epoch for paint, which then became more valued for its hues, textures, and other formal elements, rather than for its ability to record reality.
Shortly after, paint found a second life through forms of abstraction, as a variety of products evolved, giving artists one of the more malleable forms of expression to this day. The medium still holds a lot of sway, though newer technologies now offer unique surface and image seductions that paint can’t fully create or emulate. Plastic, paper, rubber, vinyl, inkjet… all of these materials are constantly evolving alongside paint, and artists exploit these developments by integrating them into their works.
By combining new and old media with paint, the artists in this show offer the viewer not only variant visual art forms, but they also create more complex abstract metaphors that are more suitable to today’s incredibly developed and rapidly changing environment. Artist include:
Patrick Brennan
Ernesto Burgos
Graham Collins
Raque Ford
Joe Fyfe
Ted Gahl
Tamara Gonzales
Hilary Harnischfeger
Joseph Hart
Arnold Kemp
Kristan Kennedy
Rosy Keyser
Gina Magid
Jon Pestoni
Matt Rich
Beverly Semmes
Johannes Vanderbeek
Ryan Wallace
Bobbi Woods
Matt Rich
Johannes Vanderbeek